Newtletter 24th September 2020

Today’s Newtletter is full of information …. I wish I had a magic wand, a crystal ball and more hours in the day currently but please know for your children school is absolutely the most ‘normal’ we can make it at this time. It is a very happy place for them to continue to live and learn together, we have made adjustments and can’t do things as we would like but necessity really is the mother of invention …teachers are endlessly creative in overcoming challenges, Zoom assemblies are now embedded and Tea from Mrs E was great last Friday! Please remember to email pictures over of any achievements so we can share those too.

As the national picture continues to change I wanted to firstly thank-you for all your support and understanding. We are proud that over the past three weeks we have maintained average attendance of 96%+ this is well above the national average and reflects a sensible but measured approach by everyone to assess if your child needs to be in school or at home. We have now started a Coronvirus help section on the school website and that has an array of information that will help you to decide best next steps for you and your family.

Key to this is to remember if any member of the family is waiting for COVID test results your child must stay at home with you until a negative test result is returned. My final plea is ring 111 or check out the NHS help link shown here:   rather than ringing Mrs Nixon or myself as we are not medically trained J.

Free Flow

The staggered starts are working really well but please, please don’t loiter. We need paths to flow freely and people to be able to maintain their social distance. I thank you in advance of your support to drop and go!

What if?

Please be aware:

This was the question we hope we never have to address but have to be realistic. If we have a confirmed case in school, after that child or adult has left the building and a deep clean undertaken we contact the health protection team and local authority and undertake a rapid risk assessment. We share who the individual has had direct contact with (face to face contact within one metre) or proximity contacts with (within 1 to 2 metres for more than 15 minutes). This is for the two days running up to them becoming ill as well as the day it is reported. They then advise the school which bubbles need to close. It could be one class or a whole bubble. Our bubbles are:

Bubble 1 = Reception and Year 1

Bubble 2 = Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4

Bubble 3 = Year 5 and Year 6

Our bubbles are planned that way due to staffing constraints, our desire to support parents by offering Pips and playtime and break time organisation.

If a class or a bubble is shut down that period of self-isolation is normally14 days (this will be finalised with the health protection team).

There is a legal duty on the school for these actions to be taken as part of our civic role to stop the spread of COVID. We totally understand the challenges that will create but that is the reality of the situation.


We know it’s a little different right now but we are still available for socially distanced meeting outdoors, phone calls and to say hello. So we can understand leaving your little ones with us after such an extended period at home is challenging. We can arrange a Zoom or phone call. We can talk at a prearranged time, just call the office to arrange a meeting. Emails are fine for factual things but some things are better talked through. Staff are not expected to answer emails after 5.30p.m. or at weekends. Please avoid, unless in an emergency before sending them. If you are not sure please read the communications policy available on our website.

and most of all be kind J

Home Learning.

Below is a link to a parent survey that we would ask you to please complete by Wednesday 30th September 2020. The questions will support the finalisation of our contingency plan should we have to move to a home learning model. We want to gauge who has access to IT to support such programmes as Teams and what other resources you would find beneficial in the case of a rapid interruption to ‘normal’ school based learning. We aren’t going to get it exactly right for every family as everyone’s circumstances are different so we want to try to build a model that everyone can take some access from.

Please take our survey here:


Staff are building sub sections on their class pages on the website with work in so if your child is at home awaiting a test outcome they can still be learning, your teacher will let you know when these are ready and how to access them. Check out the school website for more details and always utilise the learning resources on both the BBC: and the government funded Oak National Academy learning platform:


Thank you for returning the FLUENZ forms, hopefully the vaccination will take place on Wednesday 21st October.


There is a slight change in the menu from next week, a copy will be emailed tomorrow.


Privacy Notice

Thank you for signing up for the Sims App Lite if you haven’t yet, please follow the link in the email that was sent earlier in the week. You will see what personal data we hold and update where necessary. A privacy notice will follow tomorrow and who we share your data with.

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