Green Class 2020 - 2021

Mrs Hadfield

Deputy Head Teacher / Green Class Teacher

Autumn Term 2020

Welcome to Green Class

Dear Parents,


As we prepare for our return to school, I thought it would be useful to share some of Mrs E’s letter that she sent out at the start of the Summer. I have updated this and some of the information is specific to Green Class.  



Each Class will be a separate ‘pod’. Your child has to stay within that pod and they will learn, eat and play together. Children in other classes will have their own “pods”.   

Only a limited number of staff move between pods. This means we have ‘linked pods’ which are joined due to necessary staff movement, during the day; children won’t mix. Currently, Green Class is linked to Yellow and Blue. Green Pod Staff are: Mrs Hadfield, Mrs Maumy, Mrs Cliff and Mrs Benson.  


Arrival and Departure  

Each linked Pod will have a different entrance and in the morning and at night they will enter and leave from here.  

Green Class entrance is by the main gate closest to the footpath.  

As we have been doing since June, drop off and pick-ups will be based on surnames and you will be allocated a time slot by your child’s class teacher.  

These are alphabetical so that siblings are all given the same slot.  

If you have a real issue with the timings you need to email me; I will do my best to help you.  

Timings for Drop off will be:    

Timings for collection will be:  

Pips will run:  

8.35 to 8.45am A to I  

8.45 to 8.55am J to Q  

8.55 to 9.05am R to Z  


3.00 to 3.10pm A to I   

3.10 to 3.20pm J to Q   

3.20 to 3.30pm R to Z  

Breakfast Club – 7.30 – 8.30 After School Short – 3.15 – 4.15 no tea Long 3.15 – 6.00p.m  

Drop off and pick-ups will be at the gate and temperatures will still be checked on arrival for at least the first half term.  

Parents are not allowed onto the site except to collect or drop off for Pips. You must not ‘loiter’ or ‘gather’ at the gate and just one carer is required to drop off and collect and leave the site immediately.  


Walking home alone  

This is only open to those children in Year 5 and 6 there is an added responsibility with COVID that requires children to be released and immediately go home to avoid socially mixing.  

If you choose to allow your child to walk home alone you must send an email to your child’s class teacher in the first week to confirm this or we will not release them.  


What does my child need to bring to school in September?  

Your child does not need to bring a school bag or any stationery. On the first day they will be given a simple clear plastic bag to carry their reading diary, reading book, named water bottle, snack and any work back and to, to school in.  



We are continuing to offer a grab bag lunch. These are delivered by the kitchen staff and the children eat in their classroom or outside. The menu will be sent out at the start of term as we have asked for a few warm options to be added from September.  


Lunch boxes  

If your child is bringing their own lunch, please send this in a disposable bag only. This helps reduce items coming and going into school and home again.  



All snacks need to be provided from home next term. 




Uniform must be worn in September, hair tied back, no make-up or jewelry except small plain stud earrings and a watch if required. Hairbands and other hair items need to be kept simple. Whilst the advice is to keep all uniform clean, the daily request to wash all clothes has been removed from the guidance. Please ensure you follow the school uniform requirements especially on plain black shoes not trainers. (See the school website if in any doubt).  

Forest School 

On Forest School Days (Wednesday afternoon starting 9.9.20), they need to come in suitable clothes to get wet and muddy and have their wellies and waterproofs if the weather is poor.   


Green Class will have PE on Monday and Tuesday starting 8.9.20, your child needs to come in their PE kit. We will not be changing at school.   


Class Welcome Meeting For Parents  

This will take place via Zoom, an invitation will be sent to you via teachers to parents. Green Class meeting is on Tuesday 8th September 5.30-6pm.  


I hope this information is helpful.  


Please email or if you have any questions.  


We are looking forward to welcoming the children back into school and we are ready for lots of learning, fun and smiles this term.  


Best wishes,  

Mrs Hadfield, Mrs Maumy and Mrs Cliff 


Please find the Powerpoint slides for the Zoom class meeting here.


Mrs Hadfield, Mrs Maumy and Team Green.

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