Blue Class 2018 - 2019

Mr Sykes

Blue Class Teacher

Let the ADVENTURE continue…

Our learning this term takes its themes from:

by Alastair Humphreys and the Costa Book Award winner 2017,THE EXPLORER’ by Katherine Rundell.

Read ‘The Boy Who Biked The World’ for yourself.  We have plenty of copies of the book.  Who is Alastair Humphreys?  Explore Alastair’s website to find out more about the man and his infectious enthusiasm for adventure.  His latest project is Microadventure, encouraging everyone to have a go and get out there. 

Katherine Rundell’s exciting adventure has an important message for us.  Listen to Katherine read an instalment here and find out why she wrote the book here

We will also meet mountain biker, Danny Macaskill.  Join Danny as he rides THE RIDGE on the Isle of Sky here: What drives Danny Macaskill on to perfect his biking skills?

Tom, the character in the book, asks some BIG questions as he bikes The World.  What questions have you got? What can we investigate?

  • Can you navigate without a GPS?
  • How could you survive out in the wild?
  • Planning an adventure – what to pack?
  • Who first discovered that the world was round?
  • How far is it around the world?
  • How does a bike stay up without falling over?
  • On what adventure would  you like to go?

“Humphreys is clearly slightly bonkers and this is a wonderful thing” – Geographical Magazine

And the adventure continues. . .


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