Blue Class 2018 - 2019

Mr Sykes

Blue Class Teacher

Welcome to Blue Class.  The first two weeks saw us learning the routines and celebrating Roald Dahl day with a Marvellous Mess!  Now, we are into our topic for the the Autumn Term with


“Stig of the Dump” by Clive King, a modern children’s classic, is the starting point for our learning this autumn term – from English to history, D&T to science.  “The story is about what happens when two boys, who are complete opposites of each other, become friends.  Stig and Barney's friendship blossoms despite a few bumps on the way.” 

Questions raised by the book:

  • Where did people come from?
  • How do we know what happened a long time ago?
  • How did people survive in the ice age?
  • What happens to our rubbish?
  • How can I persuade someone that recycling is important?
  • How can I reuse and recycle materials into something else?
  • How did we get from stone tools to the technology we have today?
  • What questions can you come up with?

P.E. and games are on Tuesdays and |Fridays, but P.E. kits should be kept in school just in case.  Reading Diaries and reading books are brought in every day and returned back home for reading – every day.  Water bottles are also brought in daily with fresh water, and returned home for cleaning and refilling.  Children have their own locker for their coat, snack and P.E. kit and lunch box.  In the classroom, there is a named tray for each child where they can keep their own cartridge pen in a small pencil case. 

The school pens are not very reliable and I find children learn write much neater if they learn using their own cartridge pen.  Past year groups have taken a pride in having their own ink pen. 

Homework is given out on Tuesdays and collected the following Monday.  This is so that homework can be organized to suit your family – some like to do homework during the week leaving weekends free whilst others are busy during the week and prefer to do homework at the weekends. 

We’ve already had an exciting beginning to the year with our Marvellous Mess.  You can look forwards to many exciting things to come.


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