Newtletter 24th Oct 19

Autumn Days

The weather seems to have taken a definite turn to winter now so a couple of reminders; Please name all coats, hats and gloves or by Christmas we could stock a shop with the lost property. Also half and half ‘Calm Club’ runs every day at lunchtime and is really well attended. If your child finds the playground too much for the whole of play do remind them to find the Calm Club gang in the hall at lunchtime. On the whole they find us but sometimes a little reminder from Mum or Dad helps. If you are having a clear out of jigsaws, games or puzzles before Christmas we would love to have them as part of our lunchtime offer. 

School Focus

This year we are continuing our focus on Reading and Writing and are revisiting reasoning in Maths as a key action. Ask your children about ‘Do Nows’, ‘Cups and Arms’, ‘Reading Ambassadors’ and what class book their teacher is sharing with them to hear about this focus in action. In addition, this year we would really like to improve our outdoor space. Firstly, we would like to replace the markings on the yard. To do this we need to raise over £6500! So please support all PTA events and if you know of any other funding streams locally or nationally that we could look to access please let us know! In addition, we need £1000 to replenish the play sand in the sand pit– this is a huge cost but one that in the spring we would really like to do. Again – anyone with contacts and great discounts for a needy school, we would love to hear from you. Mr Johnson may be promising us great improvements to our budgets but it’s not until the  next academic year……if at all! We achieved a huge build last year thanks to your enthusiasm, drive and generosity – I know we can get there again! 

Reading Together – Library open afternoons

From Friday November 8th we will be opening the school library from 2.45 till 3.30pm every Friday to allow parents to come in and change books in the library with their child/ren.  We think it’s a great way to encourage all our children to read more by offering great books and engaging parents help too. We are really lucky to have Mrs Boughey a trained librarian so come to the front door and we will let you collect your child and have some choosing time together on the 8th. Toddlers are very welcome too. We are not sure what numbers will be like so we will start and then see if we need to alternate Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 but to start with, Friday November 8th is open to all. 

Scooters and Bikes

These have reappeared on the playground again. Please do not allow your child to ride on the playground or inside the school gates. We had some near misses last year and a nasty collision so it’s a definite no. If parents could also abide by this rule it saves embarrassing conversations!

Football Cards

Sainsbury cards have now finished, please do not send Match Attach/Football cards in to school. We may have a swap day in the future.


PTA – Christmas Card fundraising. Your child’s designs can be made into Christmas cards, mugs, placemats, coasters, tote bags and teddies – perfect for a little Christmas gift. Please return the drawing sheet by Wednesday 23rd October.

Pear Tree School Games 2019

Hockey 🏑 Our year 5/6 quicksticks team played some tremendous games last week at Crewe vagrants. They managed to score a few goals, had fun and played amazingly as a team. We are very proud of each of you 🏒


Football, football and more football...

A huge well done to our year 5&6 girls football team who played in a tournament at Crewe Alex today. Won one, lost one and drew 2. Brilliant results!

So proud of our ‘little newts’ last week. It was only a festival but if it had been a competition they would have won. Drew one game, won the rest! Well played boys 👍

Next Tuesday, out year 5&6 squad will be playing on the first round of the Crewe and Nantwich league against 4 others schools. Good luck. 


Next week we will be taking part in a Boccia competition and Mrs Benson will be taking three teams to compete. Good luck! 


More sports next half term .. watch this space 


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