Newtletter 19th March 2021

The Big Return

This weekend marks 12 months since we cried together as we waved the children out of school to begin the first lockdown. It is hard to put into words what the last 12 months has been like as a leader in education but even harder I think for my staff, you as parents and for our young people. It can be looked upon as a year ‘lost’. A year we ‘didn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t or cancelled’. A year that took us to difficult places and left some with a legacy that is proving challenging to overcome……but as I say every time…’Together we are stronger’ and together we will face the second year of COVID, wiser, stronger from the knowledge and understanding we have gained and remain ever hopeful that together we will find solutions.

For some the return has been joyous with no issues but for others simply learning to be back together in the noise and business of school has proved quite hard. We are getting there, gently and in the best way for every child.

School is ‘breathing’ properly again. We still have all the pod and mixing restrictions in place but we are, at last, all back together.

Learning to play and learn together is a big ask of our young people but they are doing you proud.


A little poem penned by a Headteacher:


"Pear Tree School - Being our Best Selves..."

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