Newtletter 12th November 2020

Children in Need


Tomorrow is Children in Need day and the theme this year is Ultimate Feel-Good Friday. Please send your child in non-school uniform and we invite you to bring in a donation. There will be buckets on the gate for donations and during the day the children will be joining in in some feel-good activities culminating in a Feel Good celebration assembly at the end of the day.

Wear Yellow for Georgy


Thank you all for your generosity, Georgy’s mum has been in touch to let us know we raised £445. She is touched by the number of notes in the buckets. Thank you as always for your help and support.

Lockdown 2

Version 2 of lockdown is now underway and as far as we possibly can we are keeping everything ‘as normal’ in school. The Track and Trace App has had an impact on a few members of staff, so they are now  self-isolating. On occasions you may find different staff are covering Pips, your child’s class or lunchtimes.  At the time of writing we have no new positive cases in the direct school community!

Please be aware though, that we might not always be able to cover every staff absence due to rules about bubbles but will let you know of any cancellations as soon as we are able.

Please help us as much as you are able to keep our community transmission rate down. We know no one chooses to get COVID or pass it on but by following the guidance on self-isolation, mask wearing, not mixing between households, collecting and dropping off swiftly, social distancing and quarantining after holidays it all helps.

 All that said, as a school we are not here to enforce the rules when infringements happen beyond the school gate. We know some are finding it hard when they feel other’s behaviour is risky or endangers the continuity of education for our children but we really can’t police that. We just hope we work together to try to reduce risk to all as a community that cares.

Free School Meals

In these tricky times many families are finding their income negatively affected. With the work led by Marcus Rashford there is increasing support over the holidays and during school time for families that qualify for free school meals. Good nutrition undoubtedly positively impacts on children’s learning. Free School Meals application levels also bring additional funds into school to support learning.

If you think you may now qualify please don’t hold back – apply – every little really does help right now for you at home and for all of us at school too. For every pupil registered for free school meals, school receives a pupil premium, this could be up to £1,320 per child, per school, per year.

 Find out if you are eligible:




We are learning all the time in this current situation. A new instruction to add to the many is…if your child is in self-isolation whilst awaiting a test result or their bubble has been sent home you MUST register them each day. That means you need to ring the office if it’s a family based self-isolation and access work off the school website in your child’s class page or if the whole class is being remotely educated due to a bubble closing you must email the teacher and tell them your child is ‘attending’ the online education offer.

Please do not presume we will mark your child as present if a bubble shuts. We will keep trying to contact you if we don’t hear anything by 9.30 but it is really helpful if you do this before that point. This is a legal requirement on the school.

Social Media

As we are all aware social media has fast become a part of everyday life and conversations regarding Tik Tok are evident on the playground, particularly in Upper Key Stage Two. Please find a leaflet attached that explains what Tik Tok is and offers advice for parents. There was also a Panorama programme on it last week (here is the link) that provided a useful insight to Tik Tok.


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