Red Class Newsletter 26.05.18

Date: 26th May 2018 @ 2:42pm

Dear Parents, 
Well, there goes another half term, time needs to slow down!  We have had a fabulous 6 weeks learning about 'Under the sea' and this will continue after the half term.  Where we will be finding about about a range of sea creatures such as, octopus, jellyfish, sea horse's and more...

You have probably noticed a slip of paper with a country on stuck in this weeks page of the reading diary.  This is the country your child has selected out of a hat for the World Cup.  I have Australia - fingers crossed!  The winner will receive a prize and we will follow the World Cup and record results. (good for maths, geography and more)

Home Learning over the holidays - yesterday we sent home sheets with -
*  Phase 2 sounds on - the children need to know all of these sounds, which letters form these sounds, recognise and use them when reading their books and segmenting words. For example -  g  oa  t,   l   igh   t
*  The tricky word sheet is for phase 2,3,4 - when your child is secure with phase 2 - can read and write them, move onto the next set.  Children working on phase 4 words - can they put these into sentences?
*  Forming numbers sheet - children need to practise forming these correctly, do they recognise all of these?  know more and less? 

Please continue to read over the holidays too as 9 days is a long time not to read and the children are all doing so well.

Next half term is really busy what with all the New Starters, sports days, summer performance, singing assembly and more.  So keep an eye out for all these dates.

Have a brilliant half term and have fun,
Mrs Newman and Red Team

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