Red Class Newsletter 23.11.17

Date: 23rd Nov 2017 @ 10:01pm

Dear Parents,
It's been lovely being back in class this week.  The children have learnt lots of positions in gymnastics - ask them to show you the pike/straddle?  videos on 'My Learning Book'.  We have learnt the basic skills on how to make a shelter that we could actually sleep in during forest schools and next week we are going to continue this and make homes for the 3 Little Pigs.  We have read the story of Hansel and Gretel and the children have designed a 'WANTED' poster and then used a picture from the story and labelled it with words.  In maths we have used a tens grid and played a game using their counting skills, they also used REAL sweets to make a repeated pattern and they have made Gingerbread houses and more!!

Next week we are reading 'The 3 Little Pigs' and have lots of exciting activities planned such as: 
*finding words that rhyme with pig
*creating 'blow' paintings
*Using bee-bots to control and direct around the carpet to each Pig's house
*Playing 'What's the time Mr Wolf?'
*Role-playing, making houses from different materials 
and much much more!

We have been moving on with our letter sounds this week so you will receive the new sheets in the book bags tomorrow to consolidate with your child.
We are having a big push with the reading over the next few weeks as they now have lots of sounds, segmenting and blending skills under their belts.  But we are noticing that they are not using their reading strategies consistently.  So I am asking if you could ALL do the following for me to help them:
*Every day spend between 5/10mins reading
*Let the child hold the book and turn the pages
*Talk through the book first and look at all the pictures - you use language from the story as you share together.
* Make sure your child points to each word and looks carefully at initial letter.
* If there are words your child can sound out - ask them to and then get them to say it faster and faster so they hear it blend
* If it's a tricky word - say it's a tricky word
*Read on or back if not sure
*Continue to use pictures to help.

If you need more support with this please come along to Monday evening's session where I will go over it in person.  There is a creche on if that helps.

AND I promise you 5/10mins every day doing the above will make a massive difference!

Enjoy your weekend

Mrs Newman and Red Team

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