Red Class Newsletter 22.09.17

Date: 22nd Sep 2017 @ 10:37pm

Hello all,
The children have settled into school incredibly well and this week they entered the classroom and did all of their 'jobs' independently.  Which is just fantastic!  
We have been learning two harvest songs, doing dough disco, shake awake - moving our bodies, practising writing our names and even had a look at a book to learn some basic skills on how to read.  They played a range of games in P.E. and continued to learn the forest school rules.  We have all written a word to best describe our mum and dad and made the cutest self portraits ever!  As well as playing and learning with a range of equipment inside and out and I bet they told you they haven't done a thing! 

Next week - 
P.E. is on Monday, Outdoor learning Tuesday.
We will be learning new sounds this week and then using the 6 new sounds to make words and learning the skill of blending and segmenting. We will be reading rhyming books and singing number songs too.  During outdoor learning we will be making faces of our family out of mud - so expect messy clothes.  

Home Learning - Please keep the sheets I have sent home, at home to use.  Your child will be coming home with new sheets each week.  You will also find their name card appear shortly and they need to practise forming their letters, either using a whiteboard pen, their finger, or copying it onto paper.  Please continue to share books at home - talk about the book, look for letters that we have learnt.  These are all good skills and will help when they begin to read.

Snacks - please ensure these are healthy snacks and please continue to name EVERYTHING, even forest school clothes and please don't send children in with laces.  As you can imagine how much time can be sent doing lots of them up all day long.

Helpers - we are beginning to have parents/grandparents in to help with reading, group work etc which is absolutely fantastic.  If you are interested in helping out then please pop in to see me to discuss.  

'My Learning Book' - this will be up and running for you to track, follow and add to in the next couple of weeks.  If you haven't sent me your email address then please do so asap.  I will send passwords home when it is ready to go 'live'.

and finally, to help with next weeks learning please send in a photo of your child's house by Wednesday.  They will be using these to make their own out of 2d shapes.  If you are struggling to print one out, the please email it to me.

Have a lovely weekend, the children thoroughly deserve it,

Mrs Newman and Red Team

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