Red class newsletter 19.10.18

Date: 19th Oct 2018 @ 3:33pm

Dear Parents, 
We have yet another busy week and I can't believe we are nearly at the end of our very first half term.  This week you will have found your child's school photograph in their school bag, please return by next week please.
Thank you for all attending parents evening this week, it is lovely to catch up with you all and talk about your child and their progress.  Hope you found this of use.
  We have finished off our work around 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears'.  The children identified trees during our forest school session and enjoyed looking at signs of Autumn.  We have written our very own books about Goldilocks, we have made a front cover, written the author's name, sorting and sequenced pictures and wrote on each page.  We used numicon again in our maths sessions and enjoyed making collaged bears and/or Goldilocks and also made yummy oaty biscuits too!  We had a visit from the NSPCC this week, where the lady told us how they are here to help and keep children safe.
We have benchmarked all the children in their reading again this week.  They have really come on in such a short space of time.  Please find your child's next step written in their diary.  Basic steps in which you can help -
*Look at the front cover and talk about what the story might be about.
*Look through the story and talk your way through the pictures, giving your child key vocabulary to use when he/she begins to read.
*Your child needs to point to each word when reading.  When you get to words they are unsure of, they need to either, sound it out and blend it back together, notice that it is a tricky word, use the pictures to help or read for sense and read on to see what it could be.  After reading, always ask the children questions about what they have read.  e.g. why did they do that?  What did you think of ....?  What was your favourite part and why?

This weekend, please re-cap sounds learned so far - s,a,t,p,i,n,d,g,o,c,k,ck,e.  See if you can make words such as - sock, pick, pack, tick, pen, dog, nip, sat, dig, gap, etc. using the flashcards.  The 'ck' is a digraph, it is 2 letters that makes 1 sound. Look for numbers around the house and outside and discuss.  House numbers, signposts, shops, clocks, televisions, etc.

Next week - we will be reading 'Pumpkin Soup'.  Some of the exciting activities planned are - pumpkin maths- recognising numerals and addition, pumpkin exploration table, observational drawings of pumpkins, orange playdough, colouring, making pumpkin soup and writing about what we thought and pumpkin craft.

On Wednesday we will be making 'Pumpkin Soup'.  Please send in a NAMED drinks bottle or a take away container so we can send the soup home in for your child to try.
There will be NO forest school on Monday due to staff training.  But don't worry, the children will still get lots of opportunities for learning outside.  Please wear uniform.

We will be sending forest school clothes and PE kits home next week to be washed over the holidays.

Have a great weekend,
kind regards,
Mrs Newman and Red team

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