Red Class Newsletter 18.01.18

Date: 18th Jan 2019 @ 1:30pm

Dear Parents,


This week we have been looking at boats and it’s been a scientific sort of a week, lots of talk about floating and sinking and we have been predicting and estimating what might happen.

We kicked off the week with gymnastics where the children got to move in a variety of ways on the apparatus.  During forest school we made boats out of sticks.  Some were small and flat, some were 3d and some were huge!  The children showed some fantastic organisational skills, working together in their groups.

After reading ‘Who Sank the boat’, the children made predictions on who did sink the boat, we made a list of the animals who got in the boat, ordered the animals and used ordinal numbers for their positions.  We made junk model boats, boats out of tin foil and more..

The children had to predict and then test their tin foil boats in water.  We then used magic gems to sink our boats and had to yet again, predict how many it would take and did it matter how fast we put them in or if they were piled at one end or spread out.  See if your child can tell you what happened to theirs.

The children have been learning new digraphs this week in phonics – they should now recognise and use the following in their reading.  Ch, sh, th, qu, ng, ai, ee.

In maths we have been practising 1more/less and some of us have started looking at doubling numbers too.


Next week we are looking at aeroplanes and reading ‘Emma Jane’s Aeroplane’ and ‘Amelia Earhart – Little People, Big Dreams’.   

We have lots of exciting activities planned around this.  The children will all receive a boarding pass to get a seat on our plane, we will be talking about where we have been on a plane or where we would like to go, history about Amelia Earhart, aeroplane number game, postcards, read/write instructions on how to make a paper plane, make one and fly one.  We will be measuring distances etc.  We will also be role-playing being an air steward/hostess and looking at maps too.  Busy busy!


Things to remember –

*Please return forest school waterproofs on Tuesday.

*Always send school library books back in on Friday to be changed.

*Only put home learning book in bag when a piece of work is completed to be stamped.

*Red Class Assembly 10am on Friday 1st February – all welcome!


Kind regards,

Mrs Newman and Red team

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