Red Class Newsletter 17.05.18

Date: 17th May 2018 @ 10:11pm

Dear Parents,
We have had a fun but educational week in school.  On Monday we wrote a list of instructions on how to make a sandwich, during forest school we practised (by trial and error) to hang Mr Grinling's basket on some rope to make it move along to his lighthouse to give him his sandwiches.  On Tuesday, the children learned some more games during P.E and we practised adding on, and 1 more/less.  On Wednesday we went to the Blue Planet and the children were fabulous! The behaviour was exemplary and we learned lots of new and fascinating facts about under the sea.  Thank you to everyone who helped out!  Today we all went across to the coop and bought items to make our sandwiches.  The children had to use 'real' money to pay for the items and we looked at how much change we got.  We then followed our instructions and made our sandwiches.  We also wrote about our day at the Blue Planet. 
Busy busy!
Then this afternoon we had a great time playing with our buddies and eating ice creams (as they had finished their SATs) Thank you to Mrs E for organising the ice cream van.
Tomorrow is set to be a very exciting day due to the wedding, thank you in advance for all the sandwiches.  Look out for photos on our FB and our Learning book.
Next week - we will be continuing to learn about lighthouses, labelling a lighthouse, making a lighthouse and lots more!
Enjoy your weekend, let's hope this sun continues,
Mrs Newman and Red Team
PS Don't forget to sign up for Pear Tree Pounds the Park!!

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