Red Class Newsletter 16.09.17

Date: 16th Sep 2017 @ 9:48pm

Red Class Newsletter  16.09.17

Well, what a fabulous first FULL week we have had and it’s been a busy one at that.  The children have settled in very well, got used to new routines and made new friends.  As of Monday we will open the doors at 8:45am and please drop children off at the door.  Obviously if this is too soon for your child then please come in if it helps to settle them.

Class meeting- this seemed to go well, hope you found out more than you already knew and found it useful.  I got so carried away with my ‘Dough disco’ that I forgot to explain why we actually do it! It’s not just because it’s good fun, it actually strengthens their hand and wrist muscles, which then gives them better strength to hold and control pencils, paintbrushes, scissors etc.  We will continue to do this for a few weeks and then start handwriting.

Doodle maths – you should all have received the information for this.  We hope you enjoy using the app at home with your child.  Just a few minutes every day REALLY makes a BIG difference.  Any problems, let me know.

We are nearly finished with ‘baselining’ the children, so the teaching will begin.  Look out for the letter sheets coming home at the end of the week.  Remember to keep these at home and recap regularly – letter name, sound, action and formation.  Spot objects around your house that begin with those letters too.

Reading reminder – please keep reading diary and books in book bags every day.  Each time you read with your child, fill it in and your child will receive a sticker.  5 stickers in a week and they will get a gold star! 
Tips with reading – during these early days, share the book with your child, talk about each picture and what is happening, show the children where you would start to read and see if they recognise any letters.  You can verbally segment a word and then blend it back together so your child starts to hear how its done. c-a-t makes cat.  Don’t forget those ‘tricky words’ that you cant sound out and just need to know like – I, go, to, the, no.

‘My Learning Book’ – I will inform you all of when you will be getting access to this online system.  Please feel free to add your own photos and comments too.

This week – 
PE is on Monday
Forest school is on Tuesday.
We will be practising to recognise our names, sort the magnetic letters in our names and have a go at writing these with the correct formations.
Learning letters s,a,t, learning numbers 1,2,3, singing, painting, writing, circle times, stories, number songs, dough disco, cutting, and much much more - It’s tough being 4!

We do hope they are enjoying school.  As we are having a great time with them all.

Kind regards,

Mrs Newman and Red Team

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