Red Class Newsletter 14.09.18

Date: 14th Sep 2018 @ 12:42pm

Hello, well we have just about made it to our very first whole week done in Red class.  The children have settled in so well, it feels like they have been here for ever!  They are beginning to know more children and their names within the class and are becoming more confident within their surroundings.

This week we have visited our forest school area and started to explore the area and learn some basic rules.  In P.E we played some balancing games and and had to follow a set of instructions. We met our local PSCOs who talked about stranger danger and crossing the road safely. 
 The children have remembered their jobs in the mornings and played with a range of activities inside and out during the week, whilst we have continued base lining them.

You will have found an alphabet sheet and a name card in your child's bag this week.  This is the style of handwriting we will be teaching the children at school.  Half of the class have already had a practise with writing their name on these name cards using the new style and the other half will be taught next week.  But please can you practise this at home too.  If you have a whiteboard pen, they can write over the letters and then rub off.  If not, use their finger to trace over.  Every letter starts with a lead in from the bottom on the left.

Some of you may have seen 'Grandma' has read with the children this week.  Grandma is actually my mum and a former teacher who gives up her time each week to help in Red class.  It is only adults in school and Grandma who will ever write in your child's diary.  Parent helpers do not have access to diaries.

Thank you to you all for attending our Red class meeting earlier this week.  It was a super turn out and I hope it was of help.  For anyone who missed it or for those who want to see the power point.  It is now available on Red class page of the website.  I also put our weekly newsletters on here, if for some reason you are not receiving school emails.

Learning Book - I will be adding your email addresses to this as soon as I can and will send home your username and password to access your child's account.  There is a front page all about your child's likes etc, please can you fill this out.

River Families - your child has now been placed within a river family.  I will send a text to let you know which river family your child is in.

Roald Dahl day - well, what can I say.  Your children looked absolutely fabulous on Thursday in their costumes or with their props and just in case you missed taking a photo we have taken one which will be on the 'My Learning Book'.  We learned some facts about Roald Dahl and read a couple of his stories too.  

Welcome Assembly - thank you for attending this morning's assembly.  The children were a credit to yourselves when I watched them walk through the hall in front of all of those people to the front of the hall.  They are now, well and truly our 'little pears'.

Reading - wow, I cannot believe how many children have been reading at home with their parents over the week and the children have enjoyed moving their named peg onto the next reading star each day. Please don't worry about this if they don't want to do it yet, they will!  We will be teaching the children some basic skills of reading over the next few weeks and this will help them believe in themselves that they can read. 
Things you can do at home to help - 
-Look through the book together, talk about the title, pictures, characters.
- Walk through the book and you (parent) give the child language as you go which will help them read.  for example - oh look, floppy is jumping in the river'.  The text says - Floppy jumps into the river.
- Always let the child look at the pictures first.
- Get your child to point to each word as they read.  This helps them focus on each word.
- Sound out words c-a-t and then say quickly cat.
- tricky words- these are words that cannot be sounded out, as in 'the, no, go, to'.  They just need to know these on sight.
-Lots of these books are repetitive - remind them that the same sentence was on the previous page.

This evening your child will also come home with a book from our school library.  This is for you to read to them and enjoy together!  Please keep this at home and return on a Friday in their book bag if you would like it changing.  Mrs Boughey takes them up every Friday to choose a new one. 

phew, think that's it!

Next week - 
Forest school - Monday
P.E - Tuesday
We will begin to read a range of books about families.  But to help with our work please could we have the following - (please could these be a copy we can keep so it can be stuck in their journal)
* A photo of your child's family - your child will be talking about family members and then labeling them.
*A photo of your house - will be talking about their house and then will create this photo using 2d shapes.

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Newman and Red Team

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