Red class newsletter 12.05.17

Date: 12th May 2017 @ 12:04pm


Red Class Newsletter


Well what a lovely sunny week we have had (apart from today). The children have been busy reading a range of ‘number books’ and carrying out a whole range of activities such as, time, money, counting, adding and subtracting, problem solving and even tally charts!

Yesterday the Year 6s finished their SATs and as a special treat they made up their own games and played these out on the field with Red class! (see learning book for photos). Then all of a sudden out of nowhere (hehe) an ice-cream van turned up. All of the children got an ice-cream and thoroughly enjoyed them with their buddies!


Next week – we are having some little visitors in Red class (tadpoles) so the last two weeks will be about them. We have a range of books such as ‘The teeny tiny tadpole’, ‘The trouble with tadpoles’, ‘Once there was a tadpole’ and some information books too. The children will be learning and writing facts, counting frog jumps, learning to jump correctly in PE, learning the life cycle, singing a new song, racing plastic frogs and even playing with tapioca (pretending its frogspawn) in the water tray!


Some of you may have noticed a storybook with no pictures coming home. The children are chosen at random to take the book home to share with you and then return it the next day. We also have a little math’s toy doing the same thing.


On Monday I have the ‘New Starters coffee morning’ at school (Can you believe it was a year ago for us!?) So there will be Mrs Cliff and Mrs Costa in Red who the children know very well and a teacher called Mrs Jenkins – the children have all met her before and I have worked with her in a previous school. You might see her on a few other occasions during the rest of the year as I am out of school the week after next learning to be a real ‘Forest school teacher!’ I can’t wait!



Next week PE will be on Monday and Forest school on Tuesday. Class photos will be on Wednesday so another busy week of fun to be had.


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Newman and Red team

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