Red class newsletter 09.01.20

Date: 9th Jan 2020 @ 10:19pm

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the start of the Spring Term.  We have had a great week learning all around the book ‘The Stickman’.  In P.E we are using the apparatus and will be exploring different ways to move along, under and over it, and will be practising our jumping and landing techniques too.  In forest school we collected a range of sticks to help with our activity of making our very own stick people.  The class now have daily interventions of either writing sentences, building sentences and recapping sounds.  We have all made a list of different ways in which we can use a stick and wrote about how the Stickman was feeling.  In maths we have been measuring sticks and putting these into order, counting to 20, working out 1 more and less and beginning to look at doubling.  As well as phonics and lots of reading too.  We have also created our own Family Tree.  I’m worn out just writing about it all!

Next week – We will be reading ‘The Gruffalo’ and carrying out lots of activities based around this book.  Such as, counting the prickles on his back, labelling him, making a Gruffalo out of mud, rhyming words and more.

P.E is on Monday

Forest school is Tuesday

Home Learning – This term we are sending home a special ‘Home Learning’ book.  Inside the front cover you will find a list of activities which we would like your child to complete.  We understand the pressures of life and sometimes there just isn’t time.  So you can complete tasks when you like.  But when you have completed one, send it in for us to see, we will stamp it and send it back home for you to continue.  Please don’t keep this in your child’s bag, or we will be checking it every day.  You will also see a maths pack in the home learning book.  This is specific work your child needs to work on next.  We are covering this in class and some children can now achieve some of these already.  But it really does help if you help at home too.  We don’t need these back in – they are for you to keep and work on at home.  But feel free to add their successes to your child’s learning book.

Please continue reading at home and record this by a simple ‘read’ in your child’s diary.  As only a handful are getting to star 5 in a week.

Sounds taught this week were  - qu, ng, th. See if your child can spot these in their reading books.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Newman and Red Team

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