Orange Class News - 18th March 2016

Date: 21st Mar 2016 @ 10:04am

This week we have been busy planning stories about animals who are afraid of something.  We will be using our plans next week to make storybooks.  In maths we have been exploring time – estimating 10 seconds and one minute, predicting and then timing how many things we can do in one minute and predicting / timing how long it takes us to do 10 skips, write our name 10 times or throw and catch a beanbag 10 times.  We have also practised making o’clock and half past times for key times in our school day.

We have also been creating our own artwork in the style of Clare Brownlow, an artist who paints in ink with a feather.  And today we are really excited about our ‘wedding’ afternoon.

Our Barney Bear performance in Hanley is next Wednesday (23rd March).  I have been advised that if you are coming to see the performance and are unable to make separate collection arrangements for siblings (remember we are late back) that you can bring them with you.  You must book them a ticket and please also ensure that you advise their class teacher ahead of time.

Home Learning

Wow!  Thank you so much for all your fabulous questions about plants and growing.  I am really excited to take all of your ideas and plan as many of them as possible into next term.  It was great to see that many of you want to find out about some of the things I had in mind already and there were some lovely surprises too, which have certainly got me thinking!  I am keeping the home learning books for the weekend so that I can make sure I get all of the children’s ideas noted down.  I hope this doesn’t cause anyone too much inconvenience – I will return them on Monday.

For your home learning this week I have set another ‘MyMaths’ challenge for you.  Log into the website and it should be there waiting for you.  Remember – this is for you to practise your skills but you don’t have to do any challenges without support.  Use your grown-ups, big brothers / sisters and any resources that you need to help you.

Update for i-pad users – There is a free app called ‘Puffin Web Browser’ that you can download from the App Store and use to access the ‘MyMaths’ challenges.

Have a good weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday for the last week of the spring term (where did that go??).

Mrs. Adams & Mrs. Degg

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