Orange Class News - 15th April 2016

Date: 14th Apr 2016 @ 10:29pm

Dear Parents,

Welcome back.  We hope you all had a restful Easter break and it has been lovely to hear the children's stories about their hoilday adventures.

We have started the new term with our science BIG question - 'Does the colour of our food affect how we think it tastes'.  We have conducted our first experiment and have got some very interesting results.  The children have decided that they need to repeat the experiment with children from other classes to check our results and to find out whether the results are different with older or younger children.  I'm being very careful not to give too much away at this stage as it's very important that any siblings don't get a preview of the actual experiment!

In order to make sure that we all conduct our experiments the same way we have been writing instructions this week.  We have learned what we need to include to make sure our instructions include everything we need to conduct our experiments correctly in every class.

We have also been reviewing our learning from last term and thinking about what we want to get better at this term, mixing different coloured liquids and finishing our Clare Brownlow inspired artwork.

In maths we have been exploring two-digit numbers and finding numbers between adjacent tens.

Home Learning

I have noticed that a number the children have slipped a little in their number recognition and writing over the last couple of weeks, so this week's home learning is all about numbers.

1) Please work with your children for 5 minutes every day on number formation - they need to be able to write every number from 0-9 the correct way round (a formation guide sheet is in their folder).

2) The children also need to practise recognising and writing every number from 0 - 20 correctly.  I have noticed a lot more '41' for '14' than usual this week.  If your child can consistently recognise and write numbers to 20, then try numbers to 50 and then to 100.

We continue to work on this daily in class and are giving an extra focus in morning activities too.  I am sure that much of it is just the children getting back into the swing of things after 2 weeks off and if we give an extra push over the next couple of weeks we can reverse the trend and prevent any new bad habits from sticking in the long term!

Year 1 Phonics Check Information Meeting - Tuesday 19th April from 6.00 - 6.30pm in Orange Class

All children in Year 1 undertake a statutory phonics screening check in June.  This meeting is to give you more information about why the check is done, what the check involves, how the results are communicated and what happens afterwards.  There is also an opportunity for you to see some of the screening materials and to ask questions. 

I've scheduled this meeting to give you the opportunity to go straight on to the Online Dangers session at 6.30pm and I wholeheartedly recommend it.  Our children are growing up in an increasingly digital world and the pace of change is increasing year by year.  This makes it ever more difficult to keep up to date with the technology itself and how to best protect children as they explore its potential.  This session is for parents of any child from pre-school to teenage years. 

We hope you have a good weekend and look forward to seeing the children on Monday.

Mrs. Adams & Mrs. Degg

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