Newsletter 15.5.16

Date: 7th Jun 2016 @ 8:14pm

Yellow Class Newsletter

15th May 2016


Dear Children, Parents and Carers,


As part of our literacy work this week we have been writing about an imaginary planet.  The children were asked to describe the sights and sounds of their planet.  We have also been looking at more examples of comprehension papers and the different types of question that they may be asked.  I have not mentioned SATs to them as I do not want them to become anxious but they are now familiar with the layout of the papers and the types of questions.  We will be completing Reading Papers 1 and 2 this week in small groups. There is no Grammar paper due to the leak of the live test paper.  We have already used this in classroom activities. However, I shall be giving the children a spelling test during the next two weeks. This will assess how much knowledge of the spelling patterns taught this year they have retained.


In Maths we have been recapping the connections between multiplication and division. We have been learning about division with remainders and considering what would happen to these remainders in a practical situation.


For example – There are 31 children in Yellow Class. If we camp in the school field we can fit 5 children in a tent, so how many tents would we need?


First the children calculate 31÷5=  How many 5s in 31?  There are 6 with a remainder of 1 so how many tents do we need?


Children need to realise then that we need 7 tents to accommodate everyone.  This is tricky but is the next step once they are comfortable with the concept of division.




I plan to do the tests during the last two weeks of May, although the plan is very flexible. The children will be working in small groups in a relaxed atmosphere.


w/c 16th May – English Reading Papers

w/c 23rd May – Maths Papers (Arithmetic and Mathematical Reasoning)


Forest Schools is this TUESDAY 17th May. 



Kay Morrell                                           

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