News Letter 8.2.16

Date: 7th Feb 2016 @ 2:03pm



English – we are going to start off by creating some drama around being shipwrecked and consider what essential items we will need in order for us to survive.  We are then going to construct a report, which will give a balanced argument for and against sailing around the world.  In this piece of writing the children will need to create a convincing balanced argument as well drawing on their own opinions.


Maths – we will tackle mental and written multiplication and division.  We will do this by solving problems involving rate. Solving problems by scaling up or down. Multiplying and dividing numbers with up to 2dp, e.g. 0.4 × 6, 3.5 ÷ 7, 5 × 0.03, 0.15 ÷ 3. Use long multiplication and division to multiply and divide 3-digit then 4-digit numbers by numbers between 10 and 35. We will also be using rounding to approximate.


Science - we are continuing to investigate microorganisms and we'll devise a fair test based around the rising of yeast.  We are now at the stage where we can go ahead with the actual experiments.  I’ll be looking for the children to be able to create a hypothesis, conduct fair tests and be able to draw conclusions from their results.


Computing – this week we are going to practise coding.


We will also be re-visiting all of the work we have been doing on KIVA (antibullying programme).  We will be introducing the online games this week which the children can play at home (they’ll all be issued with a login and password this week).


Hope you had a good weekend


Mr Frankland, Mrs Swan and Mrs Ryles

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