Green Class News Letter - 7th March 2016

Date: 5th Mar 2016 @ 9:39am

Year 3 Class News Letter

Monday 7th March 2016

Dear Parents,

Thank you for all your help with World Book Day this year. The children looked wonderful and they loved swapping their books and taking a surprise book home!

We have been designing our own fantasy chocolate bars this week, as we will be writing to Mr Wonka trying to see if he’ll create and sell our bars in the shops.  We’ve had some amazing ideas from the children, from flying chocolate bees, to explode fireworks – some amazing creations.

The children then spent time trying to sell the chocolate bars to the rest of the class by pitching their ideas to each other.  We’ve even had a go at creating a few radio adverts for our creations using GarageBand.  We have published a few on Edmodo.

Well, the eggs are packed, they’re ready to go…… They’ll be leaving via Royal Mail (not an airplane) and heading back to school this week. I wonder who’s will survive the journey and make it back in one piece?  The children have worked well to test, plan and carry out the experiment. They will analyse the results when they arrive back in school. 

Remember you can book tickets online for the concert in March - We are singing in the 2.00pm concert.  Keep practising those songs.  The songs are posted on Edmodo with the lyrics, so please encourage the children to listen and learn!  There are some tracks you’ll know as well!

Thankyou for the shop photographs and calculations in the children’s homework books, and on Edmodo.  It was great to see so many children engaged in using money.  We even had a video created by some of the girls in the class.

This week I’ve asked the children to write a short book review about their favourite book of all time.  I will eventually be teaching them how to leave reviews of books they’ve read using our online library system.

The videos relating to the maths skills this week are on Edmodo. Please encourage the children to watch them as it really does make a difference to their learning back in school.  I’ve seen a big improvement in the children who have watched the videos at home already. They are ready for learning when they come in and know exactly what they need to do.  Please encourage your children to watch the videos.

The children will continue their work on division this week, and I’ll be expecting to see them applying their skills during problem solving sessions.  This is a real test to see if the children have really understood the skills.

This weeks videos are:

Challenge 1: Practical Division -

Challenge 2: Using a Number Line -

Challenge 3: Number Line Chunking - 

Challenge 4: Mental Chunking -

It was great to see the children changing chords this week during music sessions – a really tough skill to master.  The children also tell me that they had an amazing time in Manchester at The Young Voices concert – it sounded amazing!  Hopefully a few more children will attend next year with all the positive comments from the children.

We enjoyed another session of swimming this week, some children were swimming lengths, learning breaststroke and diving into the pool.  Thank you for sending in their kits each week.

As you may have read in previous news letters we have changed the way we expect children to learn times tables and spellings. Here is an overview of how the children will learn these skills:

Spellings: The children will be given six spellings each week to take home to investigate. What is the rule or pattern? When the children return back to school I will give them four spellings (that follow the same rule) and I will expect them to spell the word correctly and write it in a sentence.

For example:

Spellings sent home for investigation: table, rumble, crumble – these all end –le (These words will not be used in the next session)

In school: I will say ‘tumble’ – Please write the word ‘tumble’ in a sentence

Times Tables:

Thankyou for encouraging the children to learn their tables this week and using their challenge sheets to practise. Have a look at 30/60 times tables in their journals and please practise with a 5-minute timer.  The scores will gradually improve over time.

I’m looking forward to sharing the children’s learning with you all on Monday or Tuesday night at Parents’ Evening. If you haven’t booked a slot, please go online and book in using our system -

Please encourage the children to read as much as possible at home and to write in their reading journals – I will be checking these each time we have a guided reading session and they should be up to date with either a comment from you or the children. 

I will of course be Tweeting and Facebooking throughout the year. I’ll keep you up to date throughout the term via:

Facebook -

Twitter - and our News Letters.

A huge plea....please make sure everything is named clearly as it saves time and saves you money when things go missing.  Things have already gone missing, so can you please check your child’s clothing at home to see if they have taken home another child’s jumper by mistake. Thank you.

If you have any questions please get in touch as soon as you can.  If you can’t make it to school, please email me

Yours sincerely,

Mr Chris Waterworth

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