Green Class - News Letter 27th June 2016

Date: 26th Jun 2016 @ 6:52pm

Year 3 Class News Letter

Monday 27th June 2016

Dear Parents,

The children had a super sports week this week and we’ve enjoyed Taekwondo, Dodge Ball, Rounders, Athletics, Dance and much more in-between!

The children completed their work on time this week and I was pleased with their progress when comparing to 24-clocks and then solving problems.  We enjoyed playing time games and using the clocks in school.

I was thrilled with the children’s attitudes during our Shakespearean drama sessions this week. They really committed to the whole experience and I’m getting more and more excited about the performance each time we go into the hall, sorry theatre!

We’ll continue our work this week by writing our own poetry based around Love and what it means to Romeo and Juliet and the children themselves.  It’ll form part of our performance and the children are so excited already to share it with you all.

The children will need black trousers/leggings and a red t-shirt for the performance.  Please make sure the children’s costume is in school for Friday 8th of July, ready for our dress rehearsal and performance the following week.

The children enjoyed talking about rocks this week and we’ll be exploring more this week.  We’ll be learning about how rocks are formed and the different types of rocks – Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic.

Fractions: It has been something the children would like to do more of, so we’ll be learning about fractions and they relate to decimals. We’ll also be learning about equivalency and solving fraction problems.

Equivalent Fractions:


Fraction Wall:

There is a little more work on fractions on My Maths if the children have the time to complete it – no pressure though.

Town Sports was amazing in Wednesday night and I couldn’t have been more proud of the children who took part on that evening.  They ran, bean-bagged, hurdle and relayed their hearts out! They are already looking forward to next year.  I may even pop along to watch.

Our SkoolsFest artwork is now on display in Nantwich Musuem. Please go along and have a look at the range of work the children from our school have produced – you’ll be blown away!

In a few weeks you will receive your child’s report and there will be an opportunity to come to a short parents’ evening.  I will be answering any questions you may have about your child’s report.

I will of course be Tweeting and Facebooking throughout the year. I’ll keep you up to date throughout the term via:

Facebook -

Twitter - and our News Letters.

If you have any questions please get in touch as soon as you can.  If you can’t make it to school, please email me

Yours sincerely,

Mr Chris Waterworth

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