Blue Class News 24th June

Date: 23rd Jun 2016 @ 4:59pm


24th June 2016

Summer Term No 10

Blue Class do “The Scottish Play” – Macbeth.

For our part in the end of year performance, commemorating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Blue Class enters the world of Macbeth.  The children love this story of witches, ghosts, blood and murder.  Definitely the best play from The Bard.

Costumes will be simple – the usual plain black t-shirt / top and plain black leggings / trousers.  Feel free to add to this, additions of anything tartan - bow, hair band, scarf, tie, etc.

As each part will be played by a number of different children, a item of clothing will signify each character.  Has anyone got anything tartan that they could lend to use as a cloak or a sash?  Lady Macbeth could use a tartan picnic blanket as a cloak, for example.  Please get in touch or send in any tartan goodies.

Our class has produced some amazing Banksy inspired art, looking at Faith, Hope and Charity.  Work on this theme from all the local schools is to be exhibited at Nantwich Museum – open from this Saturday.  Have a sneak preview of our work is on Pear Tree’s website – see Blue Class Gallery Items.

Do you have any spare earphones / earbuds?  There are some apps on the iPad minis and Macbooks that need to be heard.  Your child can keep a pair for personal use in their tray.  I will label them with your child’s name.

The reports are out soon.  If you need to, you will be able to make an appointment to ask questions about the report.

‘phone school or just pop in. 



Chris Sykes

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