Blue Class News - 18th March 2016

Date: 21st Mar 2016 @ 10:06am

BLUE CLASS NEWS - 18th March 2016 - Spring Term No 10

I hope that you have been suitably wowed by the hologram video viewers.  Mr. Edwards, a student from MMU taught an excellent first lesson on how to make the viewers.  Even the staff have been going into dark cupboards to watch flapping butterflies, swimming jellyfish and fireworks.  There are tutorials on the web with instructions of how to make the viewers with CD cases – watch your fingers.  We used OHP film and tape.  It was a chance to put measuring skills and decimals into practice.  The size that we made works best with a smartphone or iPad mini.  Some children even scaled up the measurements to make a larger viewer for using with an iPad.


This is such a great resource.  I’ve used it in school to explain equivalent fractions.  Some children have used it to interact with a lesson on fractions to help their understanding.  The beauty of it is that you can access the lessons at home.  I have set two lots of homework on Mymaths so far.  I can see how your child has got on – score, percentage, number of attempts, how many days. . . I have praised those who have tried and tried again as well as those who scored well first time.  Unfortunately, I can see those who have never logged in. 

The detailed lessons, which accompany each homework task, include games and questions to help understanding.  It would be really worthwhile taking the time to go through the lessons beforehand as well as at anytime during the homework.  When logging in, look at the left hand side – where it says ‘Classic Mymaths’ next to a drop down.  Click on this and choose ‘National Curriculum (Eng).’  You will be able to choose topics by year and then explore other lessons.

Cross Country

Great to see that we have more children representing our class.  Each person’s individual score is included into a total score, one for Y4 girls and one for Y4 boys.  We should just about qualify for the boys.  If you haven’t sent in your reply slip yet, it’s not too late to enter. 


Congratulations to the gymnastics team, who did a superb job and came second – well done!

Conway Centre Residential 25th – 27th   April.

It’s coming up quickly now.  There will be a short meeting straight after school on Monday 11th April to go through the programme, what to pack and what not to pack.  If you can’t make it, all the information will be posted on the website.  I will send a letter and a kit list next week.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can either email:

‘phone school or just pop in. 


Chris Sykes


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