Blue Class News - 17th June 2016

Date: 17th Jun 2016 @ 8:49pm


17th June 2016

Summer Term No 9

Thank you for your response to the Skool’s Fest.  Part of the festival is art contributed by all the schools on the theme of Faith, Hope and Charity. We were excited about our artwork – spay painting through stencils.  There has been a lot of interest in the art theme.  Research into the idea has given rise to some really good writing.  The children had drawn and cut the stencils by hand; they were all ready to spray.  After being beset by clogged nozzles and empty cans, we’ve got most of the stenciling done.  It’s quite a thrill when the stencil is removed to reveal the image underneath.  We’ve used the two-stencil method used by Banksy.  The children have really taken to stencil art - they understand the process.  I think the work will be exhibited at Nantwich Museum.  I remembered to take a few photographs of the spray painting.  I’ll take some of the finished work as well and upload to the website.

We enjoyed forest school.  First job – shelter.  We used tarps and chord to make a shelter between the trees.  Luckily, it didn’t rain.  They built quite the best set of shelters that I’ve seen for a first go.  Next, starting a fire using a flint and steel with cotton wool as tinder.  Despite the downpour yesterday, the children managed to forage for material to see what burns.  This skill will be developed over the next few weeks to maintain a small fire.  I managed a few photographs which I’ll upload to the website.  One of the skills that they will learn is the safe use of a bush craft knife.  They will whittle a point on a willow / hazel twig to make a skewer to cook bread twists.  The children will need to wear a pair of gardening gloves for safety.  The ones at school are too small.  Please could your child bring a pair of gardening gloves next Friday?  Don’t buy any – just that pair lurking in the shed will do. 

The KS2 production will celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare.  It was going to be based on Y5’s King Lear, hence the homework over Easter.  It was then decided that we would each do something different.  I’ve seen King Lear and it didn’t work for me anyway.  So, Blue Class is doing Macbeth.  It’s a good one.  I had a Y4 class a few years ago who did “the Scottish play” for the Children’s Shakespeare Festival.   Entering the world of Macbeth, the children will devise some of the key scenes from the play. 

Next week is active week.  So as well as Macbeth, we will be getting active.  I think we’ll have to play their favourite game - Generals.

‘phone school or just pop in. 

Chris Sykes

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