Blue Class News - 15th April 2016

Date: 15th Apr 2016 @ 8:43pm


15th April 2016

Summer Term No 1

Welcome back to the Summer Term.  It’s a long term, but there’s plenty of learning to pack in.  Later in the term, the topic will be “Sound and Vision – a look at technology and the science of sound, light and perception.  Afterhalf term, we enter the tragic world of King Lear.  We began this week with The BIG Question that has plagued scientists for decades – why does my toast always seem to land butter-side down.

The children have come up with fabulous observations and questions on this phenomenon.  My favourite part was filming the drops in slo-mo.  We went on to test their ideas about increasing height of drop and how many rotations the toast made before landing.  There’s so much more to investigate further.

I loved the ideas and finding out that the children did for their homework over the holidays.  I am studying their work closely and making changes to my planning for the term.  I hope you’re not driven too mad by your children blowing straws for this week’s homework.  It’s all in preparation for a science lesson next week on sound and vibration that Mr. Scott is going to teach.

We welcome Mr. Scott, who is a student at MMU.  He begins a six week block with Blue Class.  He has taught a couple of whole class lessons this week that have been very good.  The children have responded to his calm positive manner.

If you missed the meeting about the residential, the kit list and PowerPoint are available on Blue Class’ page of the website.  We are looking forwards to what promises to be a great experience.  There will be plenty of opportunities fro the class to mix with each other over the three days.  The main messages from the meeting are:

  • Pack with your child.
  • Snack contribution to share.
  • Quiet activity for the evenings.
  • Pack lunch in a daysac for the first day.  (The daysac will be used to carry lunch on the second day.)
  • Water bottle.

Don’t forget the Online Dangers workshop on Tuesday 6:30pm – especially after all those wonderful posters that our class designed last term.

‘phone school or just pop in. 


Chris Sykes

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