Yoga at Pear Tree School

Yoga is an important aspect of the curriculum at Pear Tree Primary School. It is a non-competitive form of exercise, which contributes to general health, fitness and well-being. Yoga helps us all to take increasing responsibility for keeping our minds and bodies safe and healthy. It has the power to make us feel more positive about ourselves and be more sensitive to the feelings of others. 


It also offers a great opportunity for our children to develop gross and fine motor skills as they learn the yoga postures or asana. Our children are given techniques to develop inner rest and calm through relaxation and visualisation techniques either in the classroom or as part of a yoga class. They are able to experience and respond to quiet and still times, closing their eyes and listening or feeling.


We are fortunate to have Mrs Hadfield who is a qualified yoga instructor on the team. She completed her 200 hour teacher training qualification with Tribe in 2019. This means she gets to do two of the things she loves most: teaching and yoga ïŠ


The staff also benefit from yoga classes too. Every Friday night they can be found experiencing the benefits of yoga as they practise breathing techniques, asana practice and guided meditation and relaxation. Staff yoga is an important offer for our team. It gives everyone an opportunity to attend and take time to reset after a busy week. If we want the best outcomes for our children, we need to invest in those that lead them. Yoga is part of the well-being offer we are developing at Pear Tree.


Yoga is for everyone at Pear Tree!


Yoga timetable 2019-20

Orange Class and Green Class

Autumn 1

Yellow Class 

Autumn 2

Violet Class

Spring 1

Red Class

Spring 2

Blue Class

Summer 1

Indigo Class

Summer 2


After School Yoga Club 2019-20

KS1 and EYFS

Autumn 1 + 2

Year 3 + 4

Spring 1 + 2

Year 5 + 6

Summer 1 + 2


Pupil voice:

‘Yoga is fun because it helps me with concentrating on my breathing’ Year 6

‘Yoga helps me to calm down and take tricky challenges easier’ Year 6

‘I like doing yoga because it helps me to think about positive things in life’ Year 6

Staff voice:

‘It’s a wonderful hour to clear your mind and rebalance’

‘It’s offered to everyone and the group changes weekly but we have a fully qualified instructor who accommodates all our abilities!’

‘The yoga sessions are a great way to unwind at the end of the week. They are physically challenging, yet calm the mind at the same time.’


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