River Families

River Families at Pear Tree ad what does that mean?

Here at Pear Tree every child is assigned to a river family when they start and we have chosen the names of local rivers for their families ie Bollin, Checkley, Dane, Dee, Mersey, Gowy and Weaver. There are approximately 30 children in each river ranging from our very youngest to our oldest children. Staff are also assigned to a river too (see below) and there are 2 river family captains for each river family (elected by the children) who look after the group.

Bollin  -  Mrs Hadfiled, Mr Greasby, Mrs Maumy

Checkley  -  Mrs Lacey and Mrs Steele

Dane  -  Miss Morrell and Mrs Benson

Dee  -  Mrs O'Connor, Mrs Ryles and Mrs Cliff

Gowy  -  Mrs Newman and Mrs Yeomans

Mersey  -  Mrs Swallow, Mrs Degg and Mrs Howard

Weaver  -  Mr Sykes, Mrs Costa and Mrs Boughey


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