January 4th Closure Update

Dear Parents,

24 hours on and very sadly tonight we have yet again been closed down. This is heart-breaking after all that we achieved together last term but right now it is the correct thing to do to support the national reduction of this dreadful virus. I do however know the heartbreak and additional strain this places on our families.

As of tomorrow morning  all pupils except those who are vulnerable or those children of critical workers will move to our remote education plan.


Tomorrow morning class teachers will email you with instructions as to what remote learning will look like for your child/ren. We have a plan but obviously have not yet run it in full so please appreciate it is going to take us all a little while to get it up and running at the speed we could have, had we just a little more notice!  But you know we will yet again not fail your children. We care too much.

 For tomorrow we ask if at all possible please keep your children at home with you.

Attached are instructions for what we need you to follow if you feel you will need a school based place for your child/ren because you are a key worker or your child is vulnerable. Please read if that is you.

Once again we will reinstate key worker Pods.

If you absolutely have to have your child in school tomorrow I need you to email me before 10.30 p.m. this evening to confirm this. (I know how late this but you need to know you have childcare!) Pips staff will be on duty in the morning and in the evening tomorrow too if you are a key worker.


Staff will be in school tomorrow but as much as possible I will need them for them to finalise resources, meet with their teams and ensure that we have a clear plan for the weeks ahead. 

Tomorrow will be another day of emails and instructions but by the end of tomorrow we will have a much clearer plan, staffed and ready to roll out on Wednesday.

We stand with you, we will overcome this together.

With kind regards,

Mrs E.


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