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     Why British children aren't sleeping - 4th March 2017



If Elise Hill is asleep by 10pm, that counts as a success. Her parents have got used to the two-year-old going to bed at 10.30pm, after three and a half hours of trying to get her to sleep.

Read the full article from ‘The Guardian’ here




     New UK child car seat laws - 27th February 2017




The UK’s new child and baby car seat laws have been implemented earlier than expected.  Initially planned to come into force on 1st March, the laws that were first revealed in 2016 have now come into force.  Parents will need to make sure any new seat they purchase follows the regulations.

Read the full article from ‘The Independent’ here




      Three cubes for breakfast? - 2nd January 2017



Children are consuming half their recommended sugar allowance before they even get to school in the morning, health officials have warned. The average child is eating the equivalent of three cubes of sugar every morning for breakfast, Public Health England (PHE) said.

Read the full article from ‘The Telegraph’ here




     Teenagers and Screens - 5th September 2015



Teenagers who watch screens in free time 'do worse in GCSEs'. A Cambridge University study suggests that 14-year-olds who spend even an hour a day watching TV or online fall behind their peers.

Read the full article from ‘The Guardian’ here


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