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Writing: We believe that speaking and listening are essential in creating good writers. Regular ‘talk sessions’ are planned for the children to develop their written work from. This can be discussions, partner work, small group work or whole class talk. Talk is also developed through drama and imaginative play. The aim is that week by week, pupils will build up the vocabulary and skills they need to write creatively and imaginatively. We encourage all our pupils to speak in full sentences when talking and develop good listening skills to build this skill. 

We regularly teach and reinforce ‘SPAG’ skills. Spelling, punctuation and grammar. We pay great attention to the importance of developing good grammar, spelling, punctuation and neat presentation within a variety of genres and text types.

Reading: We immerse pupils in high quality text. We believe that to develop good writers, a love of reading is key. We teach skills through daily ‘guided reading’ sessions, alongside individual and class reading. We encourage pupils to engage with a variety of texts. Support from home is vital and we value partnership where parents/carers spend time reading with and to their children; Allowing children to develop a passion for reading is our aim. We ask every parent to sign their child’s reading diary at least four times each week to share with us the progress their child has made at home as well as at school.

All children use their classroom and the main school library, a fantastic resource which is attractive and exceptionally well-stocked, through the support of our PFTA. They are encouraged to borrow fiction and non-fiction books for enjoyment and project work. They learn library and research skills and are exposed to a large variety of material.

We follow a colour graded reading scheme from Pink through to Lime level. Pupils are supported in the changing of their books and additional provision has been made on the acquisition of short chapter books in the transition period between coming off the reading scheme and being classified a ‘free reader’. As an ECAR school we also use the sub divided numbered levels for our scheme.

Speaking and listening: Alongside talking to develop writing, we believe that speaking and listening skills are vital. We encourage class discussions, role play, hot seating, debating and opportunities for public speaking and presenting. We encourage engagement with visitors, leading assemblies and taking part in plays, and general performance skills facilitated through music, sport and the arts. We also encourage excellent communication through our engagement with our community acting as tour guides in school, working with outside groups, presenting family events and many other rich and varied experiences. We aim to develop confident and articulate individuals.

Phonics: At Pear Tree School, we follow the principles of 'Jolly Phonics' and 'Letters and Sounds', underpinned by ECaR principles.

Next Steps for 2016 – 2017

  • To acquire further lime and gold level reading books and re-fresh the current books with some PM scheme books.
  • Implement ECAR principals of precision teaching and over learning across the school
  • Train staff in inference and deduction (comprehension scheme principally for Key Stage Two pupils).
  • Train staff and introduce Talk Boost (ECAR based programme for Reception pupils to boost pupil’s communication skills).
  • Embed Reading Recovery in Years 1 and 2.


Useful Websites

7 Stories Bookshop - http://www.sevenstories.org.uk/

clpe - https://www.clpe.org.uk/

Literacy Shed - http://www.literacyshed.com

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