Green Class News Letter 21st March 2016

Date: 19th Mar 2016 @ 7:54am

Year 3 Class News Letter

Monday 21st March 2016

Dear Parents,

Well, a term has passed us by and Christmas seems a distant memory right now.  How did that happen?  2/3 of the way through Green class!  We’ve a busy week: letter writing, researching, podcasting and so much more!

The children enjoyed writing their letters to Mr Wonka and were very persuasive – I think he’ll have trouble choosing just one chocolate bar.  Each child enjoyed using plenty of superlatives to make their writing more engaging and persuasive. We then published them in our learning journals – they look really great!

I’ve been impressed with the children’s comprehension this week. We’ve been focusing on inference questions and how to use the text to back up your answer. This is something you can help with at home. Try a few ‘Why?’ or ‘What if?” types of questions when reading with your child. 

We are getting so close to our day at The Victoria Hall and the children are getting more and more excited about the visit. Please remember that they will need a packed lunch for the day or a school dinner as possible.   Remember you can still book tickets online for the concert on Tuesday - We are singing in the 2.00pm concert and we’ll return to school around 4.00pm.  Keep practising those songs.

It was great to see so many of the children using MyMaths this week. I’m glad the majority of the children managed to get online to use the system This weeks homework is set on there – log in to have a look. The children’s usernames and passwords are in their homework books

This week is all about and getting yourself online and playing the games.  If you have any problems, please get in touch and we’ll try our best to help. 

It was great to see so many children completing spelling investigations in their homework books this week. We looked at spelling scribbles and some spelling explosions!  Please make sure the children are completing this important task. If you have any questions about how tohelp with this homework, please ask.

The videos relating to the maths skills this week are on Edmodo. Please encourage the children to watch them as it really does make a difference to their learning back in school.  I’ve seen a big improvement in the children who have watched the videos at home already. They are ready for learning when they come in and know exactly what they need to do.  Please encourage your children to watch the videos.

The children will continue their work on fractions this week, and I’ll be expecting to see them applying their skills during problem solving sessions.  This is a rea test to see if the children have really understood the skills.

Here are this weeks videos on fractions:


Challenge 1: Finding 1/2s, and 1/4s of shapes and numbers

Challenge 2: Finding fractions of numbers e.g. 1/7 of 35=

Challenge 3: Finding fractions of numbers e.g. 3/7 of 35=

Challenge 4: To add fractions with the same denominator

We have our music concert on Thursday in the hall. The children are excited to be performing with their ukuleles and we’ll try to get a few video clips and photographs for you to see online.

We launch our new website this weekend and hopefully you’ll find it a refreshing change.  All the usual information will be on there, but please give us a little time to get to grips with all the new changes if something is missing on there.

Please encourage the children to read as much as possible at home and to write in their reading journals – I will be checking these each time we have a guided reading session and they should be up to date with either a comment from you or the children. 

I will be out of school on Thursday and Friday and Mrs Steele will be taking the class.

I will of course be Tweeting and Facebooking throughout the year. I’ll keep you up to date throughout the term via:

Facebook -

Twitter - and our News Letters.

A huge plea....please make sure everything is named clearly as it saves time and saves you money when things go missing.  Things have already gone missing, so can you please check your child’s clothing at home to see if they have taken home another child’s jumper by mistake. Thank you.

If you have any questions please get in touch as soon as you can.  If you can’t make it to school, please email me

Yours sincerely,

Mr Chris Waterworth

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